About This Site

Force & Fire is the official journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, a fully-functioning Local Body of Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. in Portland, Oregon. It is the online successor to the printed journal Lion & Serpent (1998-2012).

Changing the format of our official journal has empowered us to broaden the scope of content we can publish. Force & Fire encourages SML and O.T.O. Members to submit music, video, and photography in addition to visual art, poetry, and other literary works. Now free of restrictive publishing costs and formatting limitations, we can present submissions in full color to Brethren all over the world.

Our Vision

Force & Fire is now and will ever be a work in progress. It is a labour of love created for Thelemites by Thelemites. Our joy is to see your creativity expressed without restriction and to provide a dynamic platform for O.T.O. members to share their unique talents and insights with the world.

Our Team

Force & Fire is made manifest from the creative vision and dedicated efforts of the following brothers and sisters:

Soror LyraSolis – Editor, Graphic Designer
Soror LyraSolis is both the editor of Force & Fire and the Creative Arts Committee Chair for Sekhet-Maat Lodge, O.T.O. When she isn’t busy doing ritual, Soror LyraSolis can usually be found snuggling at home doing graphic design projects with her paramour for fun and profit.

Frater M.P.D. – Web Designer & Administrator
Frater M.P.D. (Mucro Pondera Divinus) serves as SML’s Internet Committee Chair and Treasurer. In 2011, Frater M.P.D. founded The Lovers Archetypal Branding & Web Design and has contributed his coding and design talents to a variety of O.T.O.-related web projects.

Andrew Freeman – Web Developer
Andrew S. Freeman is a local web developer with an obsessive taste for EDM, IPAs, IDEs, and acronyms. If he’s not SSH’d into a server near you, he’s dancing, reading, or at SML.