Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter 1 by Sekhet-Maat Lodge

Submitted by Frater M.P.D.  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

This recording of Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter I, was recorded on March 23-29 2014ev by Soror Theodora. Beginning with an 11-person group reading following SML’s regularly weekly performance of Liber XV, she recorded individual members reciting their favorite passages. These were edited together to create the final product, which was debuted at SML on April 8 2014ev in celebration of the first day of the writing of The Book of the Law.

Project conceived by Soror Theodora. Music and production by Frater M.P.D.

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