Love Thy Order

Submitted by Fr. Felix Culpa  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

When I began studying Thelema, it was with my two best friends deep in the Allegheny forest in Northern Pennsylvania. I viewed the O.T.O. as a mythical entity that was untouchable to my heathen hands and heart. Now I am in the order, and I often feel a sense of childlike wonder at being able to be a part of this beautiful society of ours. Some illusions were shattered, and I realize that the reality of the order is far different from what I had envisioned. The myth is built up in the young mind, but the cold reality is sometimes more brilliant than the shiny fantasy.

I love being a member of O.T.O. I get to help form the base of a relatively new religion. I get to help it develop past its infant and toddler stage. We are forming the child of tomorrow. We shall not do only what we believe Uncle Al would do. We will cut our own way through the jungle. We decide our fate, our changes, our future. We do not decide what works for everyone. Each individual has a different path, and a different trajectory. O.T.O. affords me connection with the authorities who help spread the Law of Thelema, and who make the important decisions that determine the direction and fate of the material foundation of our order. We exist in a time when the order is still small enough to be changed by individuals. We are molding the future of Thelema. We are promulgating the Law with ritual and art, and changing the order and the world with our individual and collective genius.

We must lead by example, and we must lead with Love and Will. We must know when to follow and when to step forward. We also need to know when to say no to responsibilities when we do not have the time or the talent for the job, for the greater good. We are neither martyrs nor are we sheep. We are not afraid to responsibly say “no.”

We also need to be willing to fail, and to rise up and try again, try harder and smarter. Learn where to apply the correct pressure and force at the correct times in order to facilitate our will, in order to achieve something greater than a meager mammalian existence. True Immortality, you say? Every religion promises immortality in some form or another to all the good boys and girls who pray and work and occasionally sacrifice themselves in the name of FRED.


That’s the formula of the old Aeon slave religions. We can achieve immortality by changing the world around us. We will create change that will echo through the Aeon. A life well-lived with your personal function and design achieved can change the world forever. Our butterfly wings send waves of change across the universe.

Think of every writer, artist, musician, philosopher, poet, prophet, and friend that has changed your life by the light of their genius, or lack thereof (a pure fool speaks truth, though he knows it not). By an act of creation, by the utterance of a word, one can change the world. WE ARE LIGHT!!! They are light also, but they have forgotten their light, in the shadows of shame and guilt. We can lead by example, and help strike the chains of bondage from the free men just waking up to their condition. We can help liberate our brothers. Our being is not hidden in the shadow.  We dance naked in the dark night of the soul. We penetrate the the night sky. We are the motionless center of the wheel of Karma.

Time is but the dream of division. We are Many. We are One. We are the O.T.O.

Love is the law, love under will.

Fra. Felix Culpa

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