Lion & Serpent

L&S-CovermatteFrom 1998 to 2012 Lion & Serpent was the official periodic journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, O.T.O. During that time, Lion & Serpent proudly published over 35 printed issues with a wealth of Thelemic material ranging from research, ritual, and critical opinion to poetry and visual art in an effort to project Sekhet-Maat’s initiated essence into the world and to record our labors for posterity and reflection.

In 2013, the creative spirit of our former print journal lives on in Force & Fire, an online journal committed to providing a fun and useful platform for Sekhet-Maat Lodge Members and other O.T.O. subscribers to showcase their creative, literary, and academic works.

Although Lion & Serpent is no longer being published, we celebrate the many people whose art and literary creations made Lion & Serpent the great publication that it always was. Thank you!

We hope you will consider submitting your inspired masterpieces to the new online journal and continue to enrich the world with your unique gifts.