Submitted by Frater M.P.D.  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

by orchestral
digestive specters,
little poltergeists wielding bows against heartstrings;
play on, little daemons! Make music that grinds
the brain to a halt, resolute and unyielding.
Sphere of Severity, for which one pillar
of the Tree of Life is named, burn!
Be the coal in my gut; I’ll fan thy flame
to ashes – firm in my lust to speak against.
For in my years I have learned that it is suicide
to do aught but listen to my belly – who knoweth better
than I ever will – exactly
when it is the right
time for me
to say

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