The Grades

Submitted by Fr. Pekht  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}


Inaccessible, impeccable, silent and wise
In the heart of a master love must reside
The truth is relative to who you are.
But every man and woman is a star.
Trust your heart and choose a path
Love to live and live to laugh.
Find your joys upon the earth,
Celebrate life and death and birth.
Sorrows are clouds, they pass and are done,
but from the rain the flowers have come.
The world is renewed from the pain and the sorrow,
it strengthens the fight for a better tomorrow.
Every day is a struggle, every moment ..our chance,
to embrace the infinite and be a part of the dance.


I am that, and that am I
I will stand strong and never die
upon a cross of reason and why.
I fear no god and I fear no fate
Love will conquer all I hate
The aim of enlightenment
the method of science.
On tested facts, not faith,
I will place my reliance.
Analyze the essence
of matter and man.
Knowledge is Power,
when you understand.


Two halves of a whole is the secret it seems
a union that brings life to our dreams.
It is from love that the world is created
and when I am in love my soul is elated.
I can not possess you or hold you to tight,
The only true test of love is when it feels right.
It can not be rushed and it cannot be fake
True love is rare, make no mistake.


I work at my life and make my own way.
Determined to get the most from the day.
Being aware of the world and the folly of men
Self importance might be the only real sin.
I stand alone, there are no gods where I am
But the Goddess I love is always around.

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