i am nowhere

Submitted by Fr. Felix Culpa  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

strange new places make me tune in to myself in a unique way. disorder of routine. self reflection during harmonic dissonance. forget to be so serious-  flow a little pure fool sun god voodoo. ritual intensity blossoming.

cast against an archetype, break down new barriers. building bridges to nowhere instead of walls of solitude.

finding myself in family, remembering myself in the reflections of old friends. feeding the soul to the point of return. surrender.

i am nowhere

i am shattered and building something new. reprogramming the machine for love without posession of flesh and fear. time without relativity is limitless. it can run backward and forward simultaneously. and it often does. echoes and picture frames. stories around the campfire.

real people looking you in the eye.

the smell of sincerity and empathy

nostalgia echoes through the living room

this is all so unexpected, but pleasant sunchronicities are the spice to life.

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