Submitted by Fr. Felix Culpa  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

Wake up from your tomb, old stone

Submerged in amniotic fluid

Arms open, knees together

Looking up at the sun, there are numbers

Adoring the ratio, the golden wind

Axial color stains

Pillar of youth, your mouth opens

Ancient obelisk nakedness, contrast and shadow

In open air-  Fire and Flesh

Shadows and fair haired huntress climbing toward the peak

Torchlight and cinder

The bridge over the abyss

Watchtower of the voyeur                    six armed tantra

Silent memories and flashes of brilliance

Time is the illusion of separation

Flashes & cycles                 the erupting beast within

Cutting the blindfold off of justice

Then the head & hands

Gazing upon the perfect breast of adjustment

Now I see 6 suns

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