Paean to Capricorn

Submitted by Brother Clay  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

Originally performed in ritual at Sekhet-Maat Lodge, in 0° Capricorn, dies Luna IV:xvii

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

“And they that walk upon their hands shall build the holy place.

Blessed are they who have turned the Eye of Hoor unto the zenith, for they shall be filled with the vigour of the goat.”

The Sun and the Moon conjoin in thine honor, shedding your favor in the loneliest places.

Devil, our Lord, Goat of Mendes, taunting us with your glistening eye: the darkness that is light; the death that is life;

Thou who drives the virgins to dance and drunkenness, who shout and heave to rustle in thy heat;

Peacock angel, let us strike at thy beauty; damnation of rapture drunk from the well of purple.

Cataclysm and panic. A new word shakes the Son of Night.

Thou worshiped by blemish, stain, and scar; enemy of beauty, refresh us at the sacred well.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Rocky crag in the moonless night. Blasted oak, defiant and wrathful, flooding the world with fire, drowning it with water.

Author of disobedience, shake the throne of the enfeebled king.

Give us idolatry, wine, venomous rapture, a king dethroned.

Mighty and Terrible Lord, the king is fallen and locked away!

“Thou that art one! Our Lord in the Universe, the Sun,” let your light gleam upon us at rule, at victorious armies, at all the joy.

Proof our strength with decay, vigour, and subtle delectation.

Feed us with corpses on the Day of Be-with-us!

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Lord of Liberty, if ever we did one good deed, let us now repent it.

Sweeten us with dreams of forgotten sunshine and limpid mountain meadows.

Yield to us divine fruit from your most sacred and forbidden limbs.

Lord of the monsters of the sea, may Caesar render unto you what is yours.

The twins hawks lash at thee, chastise thee, and bring thee to the greatest glory.

Wrought of the primordial and quickened in mystery, our prophet is mighty.

We cannot restrain thee, and we go chasing after, wild with the hunt, given to the passion of the stars!

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Pivot of the firmament! Sprung high on the silver of moonlight, yield a golden shower for the sacred cow.

Rich and destitute. Fat with the thickness of becoming, and wan with the thirst of life.

Ass-headed mercurial nightmare!

The servant of the Star & the Snake devotes us to your mystery.

Write in blood upon our hearts and on our brows the sign of initiation!

Help us to destroy our father’s house.

Unveil the Virgin of Eternity climbing into the bed of CHAOS.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Pour us libation of your Wisdom that we may speak your name to the ancient Whore that is throned in Eternity.

With your wine wash the stale and stagnant water from our mouths.

Stop the Moon in her orbit and draw forth the sweet song.

The delicious, bitter wormwood kissed upon our lips, fiery star fallen to Earth!

Lord who satisfies godhead, uniting with the universe, rise up!

“But the progress is progress, and progress is rapture, constant, dazzling, showers of light, waves of dew, flames of the hair of the

Great Goddess, flowers of the roses that are about her neck, Amen!”

Hideous god, leap forth from where one of us gathers alone in your name!

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

“The Eye! Satan, my Lord! The Lust of the goat!”

Bend us, your lovers, upon your branches; chastise us with many rods; draw us to the holy places.

Let us bear up in your example, the pillar in the void, though ten million burst from us to enliven the sigil of the demon.

Liquor, Laughter, Lewdness, and Lust, be with us!

Child of battle and wrath, hardened by the wind which bears thee up,

Let us eat the Word made flesh while vultures feast upon the carcass Christ.

Bury your seed in the dark, dead Earth; fruit everlasting; mystery rebirth.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Thou, angel who wields a spiral force, we dress ourselves as blushing whores that you might chase us through the

marketplace, lashing at our thighs and dragging us to the wastes.

We play upon the golden harp to enrapture thee; we sing thee infinite tunes to envince thy essence.

Holding daggers to our throats we taunt thee and prey at thy bloodlust.

Seed of the stars, word of the age, dawn of the night piercing the heavens, fix your eye upon the End.

Let us adore the Universe! So may we drink the immortal dew.

Break the measure! Bend the square! Flatten the compass! Forge gold to steel!

Let us adore the Universe! So may we break the arrow of thought.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Leaping from summit to summit, writhing with clamour and lust, return to us, O mighty god of the south.

“We swear to work our work abhorred / Careless of all but one reward / The pleasure of the Devil our Lord”

We hear thy song sweetly sung from the mud and scum of things.

Heaven and Earth; Male and Female; Spirit and Matter; Incorruptible Corruptor!

Showing you the white and the black, the Eye and the Phallus we sweep our swathes and rejoice.

Devour our spirits totally with dis-ease as acid through steel that we may be black, absorbing all.

Lord of the Storm, principle of corrosion, devote us to rapture.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

“O Lion and O Serpent that destroy the Destroyer, be mighty among us!”

Tongue of fire, heart of blood; ancient roots stretching to Heaven;

Iron exalted at thy heights! Indigo smoke; and the ass-headed adversary of humanity,

We have sold a broken crown of thorns to stroke at your lily-white fur.

Man made god, exalted and eager, reveal the key of death which is the secret of generation.

“So bright we could not look! But behold! a blood-red rose upon a rood of glowing gold! / So I adored the God. Bacchus! thou art the lover of my God!”

Pan, Set, Satan, Adonai, Saturn, by whatever name we call thee, thou art still the namer of Eternity.

Lord of the Gates of Matter; Child of the Forces of Time!

Sacred adversary, darkness veiling light, look on as we forge the next link of the Infinite Chain.

Bear up against us! Devour and chasten. Strip us to our essence; cast our remains upon the midden and scatter even that to the winds.

Reign in your night over the City of the Pyramids as virgins fling roses upon us.

Rough hewn consort to the lissom veil, let there be dancing and song and feasting to your black figure.

Give us strife for our comforts and madness for our visions. Soak us in the ferment, the infested, the wine that is life.

Let us drink and give glory to the Most High God.

“But the chosen ones drank thereof, and became even as my Lord, my beautiful, my desirable one. There is no wine like unto this wine.”