How to Submit Your Works

  1. Register, if you haven’t already.
  2. Sign up for a Gravatar using the same email address.
  3. Send us your content (up to 5 works at a time). There are two ways to do this:
    • Log in, create a new post, and submit for review. Encouraged for WordPress users.
    • Send files (under 30MB) or links to your content to Soundcloud sets welcome!
  4. Submit a brief bio – approximately 40-50 words. This will appear below each published work. Please indicate how you wish to be credited (e.g. “Frater Freethinker” or “Jack Handey”) and provide us with your current contact information.
  5. Try to include the date and time you completed any work you submit.

Submission Guidelines

Force & Fire welcomes submissions from Thelemic artists, writers, musicians and creative types of all kinds! As the official online journal of Sekhet-Maat Lodge, members are given publishing priority, but other O.T.O. members and spiritual artists are also welcome to submit. All submissions are accepted for consideration with the understanding that they are original material.

General Guidelines

Writing: In the online world, shorter is usually better – around 500 words maximum is a good standard (fewer is fine). Want to submit something longer? No problem, but keep in mind that longer works may be broken up into series. For scholarly works, remember to cite your sources and include any relevant hyperlinks. Footnotes and endnotes are both acceptable.

Photography & Art: All image files should be in jpeg format and optimized for the web. Images larger than 640px in width (horizontal images) or 480px in width (vertical images) will be re-sized for optimal viewing.

Video: Please send links to your original videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other online viewer.

Suggested Formats

  • digital or scanned artwork
  • photography
  • rituals
  • essays
  • letters
  • poetry
  • music (MP3 format)
  • short stories
  • critiques
  • rants
  • memoirs
  • editorials
  • combination pieces: art + words, etc.
  • artistic or magical journal entries
  • lists
  • recipes
  • craft or DIY projects/tutorials
  • book reviews
  • embeddable videos
  • whatever you can think up! we are open to suggestions!


Writers and artists retain copyright of their work, and by submitting their work agree that Sekhet-Maat Lodge may reproduce it at will, in any medium, for any purpose related to the business of the Lodge, unless other arrangements are made with the editor.