Summer Anno IV:xvii: Cancer, Leo & Virgo

Submitted by Soror Theodora  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

First printed in Lion & Serpent 14:2

In the coming months the Sun will move through Cancer, Leo and Virgo. These signs are the flavor of summer. Much of the energy we associate with summer can be described in their natures.

First, however, I would like to offer a general view of the activities of the major players in the sky right now and through the summer. Close to the Earth, Mercury is predictably close to the Sun. At present it is retrograde, a condition that many superstitious people blame all sorts of things on. The notion of retrograde is spurious, based on a perspective we have long since improved upon. Planets don’t travel in straight lines; their orbits from a two dimensional view appears to go backward and forward. It would be like saying you are going backwards because you go back and forth between work and home. Planets move next in their trajectory where they are intended to move, and it is only forward despite our perspective.

The notion of retrograde is spurious, based on a perspective we have long since improved upon.

Next, Venus and Mars will be traveling near one another through Cancer and into Leo. In the sign of Gemini this will put a focus on communication in relationships of all kinds and a tendency for things to move quickly. Watch out for abruptly beginning and ending relationships. Into Leo, their paths will separate with Venus moving ahead as her orbit is smaller than Mars’. Mars will stay in Gemini while she moves into Cancer around the time of NOTOCON.

The other notable event, that we have been living with for a while now and will experience an intensification of is the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn, our teacher of limits and boundaries, is moving in reflection to Uranus, the heavenly goddess of Chaos. Uranus changes things abruptly and without it being in any way personal. For folks born around 1 965-67, this has been crossing a part of the structure of their charts for some years now. During the next three months this opposition will become exact mathematically. This time is characterized by changes in structures we have become accustomed to, in sudden ways. The opposition is in Virgo (Saturn) and Pisces (Uranus), so people with sun signs in either of these will be feeling this tension more acutely. For more specific information about how these events may affect your astrological chart consult an astrologer or read up.

Cancer is a water sign and cardinal by nature. As the first sign of the summer months it leads off with an emotional quality. In Cancer we have the Fourth of July and fireworks. Cancer is of a feminine nature and tends toward strong expressions. It rules the stomach. Think of the ability to stomach something. The symbol for Cancer is the crab and the planetary ruler is the moon. It is strongly connected to our experience of mothering and home. I think of the beginning of summer vacation as a child.

Leo is a fire sign and a of fixed nature. I think of the strong continued heat of the August. Leo is of a masculine and demanding nature. It rules the heart and chest in general. “Take heart.” The word “courage” has the Latin word for heart at its root. The words associated with Leo are loyal, generous and, as I said, demanding. The symbol for Leo is the lion and it is ruled by the Sun. A noble and social creature, the male lion is the head of his pride and the females do all the hunting.

Virgo is an earth sign and of mutable nature. Virgo rules the small intestine and is intimately connected to the activity of sorting. The action of the small intestine is discriminating between the pure and the impure. Contrary to popular belief, not all Virgos are neat. They however will have some place in their worlds where they are meticulous in their organization. This may even be mental. Virgo is also of the feminine polarity and the symbol is the virgin. Being a mutable sign, Virgo is the least grounded of the earth signs. The word associated with Virgo is serve. Virgo is grounded, not in climbing as Capricorn or possession as is Taurus, but in the care given to something. The time of year is characterized by the shift to preparation for winter and the return to school.