Autumn Anno IV:xvii: Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius

Submitted by Soror Theodora  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

First printed in Lion & Serpent 14:3

As a divinitory tool, Crowley speaks of astrology as an almost perfectly mathematical system ideally based in the macrocosm and therefore directly applicable to our own small microcosms. However, he then says that, “the actual effects of the planetary positions and their aspects are still almost entirely unknown.”1 And more damningly, “no two astrologers agree on all points; and most of them are at odds on even the fundamental principles.”2 Where do we go with this? Is astrology then to be discarded as a useless waste of time?

But he then goes on to say, “This science had better be discarded unless the student chances to feel strongly drawn toward it.” I say we are not all astrologers nor should we strive to be, but we all benefit from meditation and study of the basic principles and symbols. Our own Thelemic calendar functions well only if the reader has knowledge of the planetary and zodiacal symbols. In its basis on actual phenomena, it is far more accurate than the vulgar one.

So again, why? Because it is your will to do so, he says. I have studied astrology a lot over the past thirty years. It is probably—next to the mythology in my grade school reading books—the first occult material I was exposed to and the first conscious choice I made to study something. It wasn’t easy. As Crowley also said in a time without computers, which I also lacked, “in practice the calculations involved are overwhelmingly complicated,”3 and numerous. As well, “to obtain a judgement on the simplest question, one requires not only the nativities of the people involved, some of which are probably inaccessible, but secondary figures.”4 I was fascinated, and the set of symbols caused me to seek meaning. The difficulty made the sense of accomplishment greater.

“I read what was available to me and made my own judgements based on my own sense of what was true.”

I read what was available to me and made my own judgements based on my own sense of what was true. Those fundamental principles I found with my own internal guidance. It is true; most astrologers disagree on some aspect of all of them. I was looking not for universal truth but for my own. I was looking for meaning in my own life. I believe astrology to be for a beginner a highly useful tool to learn about oneself. More so than in practice of many other divinitory tools, it relies on the astrologer’s ability to be a clear channel or oracle to be accurate, like reading tea leaves or bones. It has less of a spirit of its own, as one finds in the Tarot or the Yi Qing, and a smaller set of externally accessible and reliably, consistently interpreted correspondences. Crowley practiced it when he was drawn to it, when it was the right tool for the job.

We are heading into the Fall and the Sun signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The following should not be considered complete but are the correspondences I favor for these signs.

Libra is an air sign and of the cardinal nature. It is symbolized by the scales, and its word is balance. Libra is ruled by Venus and is generally associated with Beauty. This sign is about the meeting of minds, relationship from a less physical and more mental standpoint. It is the diplomat who can help you see the other side of any opposition. Libra has a harmonious nature and will manifest this in some aspect of their life.

Following Libra is Scorpio, one of the most vilified signs of the zodiac. Why? Scorpio is the fixed sign of the water element. It is symbolized by three animals: the scorpion, the eagle, and the dove. It is ruled by Mars, originally, as is Aries, and has a powerful and feminine nature. Scorpio is the deep, dark inside springing forth our creative issue. Be it children, art, or aught else, the depth of Scorpio provides the resources and force to create. Scorpio is about the impact we have physically on each other. It is associated with sex, death, and transformation. These are all things anathema to the dominant culture.

Sagittarius is a fire sign of the mutable nature. It is symbolized by an arrow pointing up. Its image is of a centaur with a bow and arrow pointed up. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs. I associate Sagittarius with idealism, the ability to see beyond the present circumstances, a clearer vision of perfection. Sagittarians can be philosophers. They are devoted to Truth and are noted for their candor.