Summer Anno IV:xviii: The Astrological Houses

Submitted by Soror Theodora  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

First published in Lion & Serpent 15:2

Recently we have begun to experience a rather significant transit. Uranus has moved into Aries from Pisces where it has been for about the last seven years. As one of the most outlying planets recognized, Uranus has a profound yet mostly impersonal impact on the individual. Uranus has a sudden and chaotic influence. Moving into Aries lends this a forceful quality as well. Aries is self-involved in nature, and with this shift we begin en masse to experience a more personal impact to world events. Where Pisces gave us a moody and changeable connection to our environment, Aries brings the impact right up close and in your face. My astrologer Brother, Greg, interprets this as an environment for social revolution; the Mars influence through Aries brings force to what could be a major, possibly epiphanous shift in perception of reality. It bodes physical change as well. As we circle around the Sun each day, this influence passes through each house of the chart. If we are looking at this in our natal chart, we see it especially stimulate whatever house we have in Aries.

So if your rising sign is Aries (nine o’clock on the chart), as Uranus passes through it, it will give sudden insights into personal identity. It may cause very sudden deep shifts in how one perceives themself. Because of the Mars influence this could be reflected in some physical change as well. The intensity of this depends on what planets already reside in the first house. As Uranus crosses them or transits them, the interplay between the energies characterizes the nature of its sphere of impact.

In the second house, this could definitely bring sudden changes in one’s body and home.

The third house rules everyday communication and local travel. This influence here might tend to create intense outbursts of a potentially violent nature. Watch out for accidents and other abrupt interactions. This could also create artistic bursts of self expression especially of a verbal nature.

The fourth house relating to home and mother/feminine relationships could see change in living arrangements and sudden epiphanies about maternal relationships.

The fifth house relates to expression through creation, either children or works of art or otherwise. This transit bodes especially well here, from my viewpoint. Artistic creation is often driven by inspiration, and Uranus is capable of deeply transformative inspiration, especially of a personal nature with the Aries influence.

In the sixth house I would expect individual business ventures to fare well, and I would watch out for afflictions of the head and face, especially.

In the seventh house, the house of relationships, a Uranian influence brings shifts in one’s relationship to herself and an awareness of need for personal liberty in existing relationships. This could also cause sudden shifts in existing relationships.

In the eighth house—the house of spirituality, sexuality and transformation—we see changes in perception of these topics. A move toward a Thelemic outlook seems quite likely in this time. Uranus is associated with revolution and innovation, and Thelema is a religious innovation in the context of spiritual practice. It is born of ancient roots and employs many aspects of historical religious practice while being focused on the individual.

As we come to these last houses, we see the impact on society more.

In the ninth house, Uranus in Aries will bring transformation to our philosophical ideas, our long distance movement around the planet and our educational experience. The Aries influence brings again a focus on the individual in these areas.

The tenth house, the house of public image, of institutions and ambition, will see changes of fortune. This in my opinion is the house most associated with Saturn, which is somewhat antithetical to this Uranian energy. I expect to see sudden shifts in large institutions, corporations, and other business models. We will see a shift toward a more individual expression and a smaller scale.

In the eleventh house, the house of community, I think we will see an even stronger Internet presence in how we develop our personal communities. People meeting online in seemingly random ways will be even more commonplace. The Internet is already a very Uranian concept, being so accessible and egalitarian to a fault, as well as a technical innovation in communication.

In the twelfth house—the house of rocks in your shoe, or hidden enemies, the things that get you in the end—Uranus will have an illuminating presence. I often think of old Herschel as a wielder of thunderbolts of transformation, and in this house of uncomfortable places I expect this energy to bring light, to open our eyes to other ways of seeing our difficult parts. This could go well or push people past their limits of dealing with internal demons.

This transit is only beginning. Uranus heads back into Pisces in mid-August, so this is an opportunity to taste the times to come. The last time this transit came up was in the late 1920s through the mid 1930s. It was a time of social revolution and transformed many people’s lives. I think it a time ripe for Thelemic principles to guide our way on a larger scale.