Spring Anno IV:xviii: Aries, Taurus & Gemini

Submitted by Soror Theodora  
☉ in {sdeg}º {ssign} : ☾ in {ldeg}º {lsign} : dies {dow} : Anno {year1}:{year2}

First printed in Lion & Serpent 15:1

Astrology is a reflection of a set of correspondences, based in the supposition that the moment of birth holds specific symbolic significance for the individual. Each of us can correlate our personality, health, and many other basic aspects of our lives to natural phenomena. Like most divination systems, it is connected to a deep, rich set of symbols that apply to a substance, like water or fire. If we compared it to the I Ching, we find a basis in the philosophical construct around nature in China. The earth, thunder, or heaven has this quality and this means…

The specific phenomena involved with Western astrology are the constellations, images created in the archetypal minds of our ancient ancestors from gazing at the stars. We wouldn’t have this system in a world where the lights are on all the time. It took a pre-modern society looking for meaning from the obvious surrounding environment to create these images. It also took imagination.

The images of the constellations comprise the Zodiac, a term which literally means “the zoo.” It is in reference to the animals in the images of the constellations. They are representative of stories about the gods, the Greek pantheon, as well. For instance, one understanding of the symbol for Pisces is the story of Venus with her son Cupid escaping from Typhon in the form of fish. This doesn’t account for the sublty of the fish swimming in separate directions which the glyph depicts clearly. It does reflect well the nature of the sign, however. The mutable water nature accounts for the presence of water and the ability to transform to fit the environment necessary to escape or blend in as the need arises.

The symbol for Aries is another example. It is presumed in modernity to be the ram’s head and that is an apt symbol for the strong, surging quality of Aries energy. The specifics of the glyph are, however, uncertain. The symbol of the ram in its Aries nature begins in Egyptian mythology where the ram’s head is the symbol for Amun, a leader. The glyph for Taurus has another Greek myth surrounding it. It is said Jupiter turned himself into a bull to steal a woman, Europa, from her from her father, the King of Crete. Gemini is symbolized by two pillars joined or possibly the Roman numeral two. The symbol is an example of the non- animal symbols in the Zodiac is representative of polarity or in human terms, twins. I have always envisioned the two faces of Janus; one seeing the future, and one the past; one looking forward, and the other back. Mercury or Hermes is said to be connected to these dual or compound gods. Mercury also rules Gemini.

As we head into the Spring, we look to the sign of the beginning of the Zodiac and come full circle in this column. Aries is cardinal fire in the Zodiac and, as mentioned earlier, is symbolized by the ram. Fire is the element associated with Aries.

Aries is the beginning, the sprouting, surging start of life. Its cardinal nature puts it out in the front, and the fire element leaves it with no baggage to carry. It is the essence, the spark of intelligence, of knowing and conceiving of existence. I think of the moment of fertilization, when inert elements become vivified and identified. This nature that I rhapsodize is a difficult one to bear, at times. It teaches us the need to associate all experience to ourselves. Ruled by Mars, this can be a ruthless existence. In its strength, Aries can lead us to our True Wills. The ability to know what is uniquely and specifically our own way in this existence. Look for the house in your astrological chart where Aries rules for clues.

Taurus is our fixed earth nature. In this nature, it is the most solid and consistent energy in the Zodiac. Immediately following the spark of creation is manifestation in the cycle of physical being. Taurus is the bull, unhurried, but not necessarily slow. The Taurean body is solid and strong. The neck is ruled by this sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus and her values preside. Beauty, comfort, sensuality, and enjoyment are centrally important to the Taurean expression. Possessions and, most importantly, our primary possession, our bodies, are the province of this sign. In your chart, look for your native ability to ground in Taurus.

Gemini is mutable air, again, a superlative nature. Mutability lends air a most unpredictable quality. Gemini, as an air sign, has a distinct duality. The ability to communicate is at the center of its existence. Mercury rules this sign with his changeable nature. Gemini is the shape shifter, charming and easy to get along with. His shortcoming may be a tendency to see the surface and not dig for deeper understanding. His strength is the ability to wordsmith, to navigate expression expertly. Gemini is a smooth talker, persuasive; a natural salesman.

With that, I finish this installment. Go enjoy the Spring!